SSR Degree College - Courses

Educational Programmes Offered : Structure and Scope

Courses Offered (E/M)

B.A – History, Economics, Political Science

Fee: ₹ 17,500

1. School of Arts and Humanities:

Comprises of three departments namely history, Economics and Political Science. The Faculty offers both conventional and modern methods for teaching students. Faculty members always try to enhance the knowledge about the latest developments in the areas of socio political and economical changes with relevant to the syllabus. Subject experts from various universities to improve the awareness among the students by organizing seminars and workshops.

2. School of Physical Sciences:

Comprises of five departments; computer science, electronics, physics, chemistry and mathematics. Physics is the most fundamental of sciences concerned with the study of matter and energy. Computing plays an increasing role in the work of professional scientists. Programmes offer the students an opportunity to experience the generality and rigour of mathematics. There is also the possibility of taking electronics or chemistry. The faculty offers different combinations with mathematics and computer science being main subjects.

Courses Offered (E/M)

B.Sc. – MPC, MPCS, MECS, M.St.Cs,

Course Fee:  22,500 per Year


B.Sc. – Data Science,

Course Fee:  43,500 per Year

Courses Offered (E/M)

B.Com. – General                 Fee: ₹ 19,500

B.Com. – Computers           Fee: ₹ 22,500

BBA –                                      Fee: ₹ 22,500

3. School of Commerce & Managment :

The faculty offers both conventional and re structured courses, including specialized course in commerce with computers. Undergraduates are taught in a stimulating environment. Teaching is through a mixture of lectures, seminars, tutorials, and workshops with increasing use of IT resources. All the under graduate students in the school are in three year degree programme.

4. School of Life Sciences:

Biological sciences are the sciences of the future. They influence our lives not only by providing new tools for medicine and crop improvement but also by enabling us to conserve the rich diversity of species on which our future depends. The faculty comprises of Botany, Zoology, Microbiology and Biotechnology. Chemistry is compulsory subject in all combinations.

Courses Offered (E/M)

B.Sc. – BZC, MZC, BTBC,         Fee:  22,500

B.Sc. – Nutrition, Food Tech,   Fee:  38,500

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