SSR Degree College - Courses & Fee Structure

Courses & Fee Structure - UG Courses

SNoSNoCourseMediumIntakeFee per Year (INR)
1ArtsBA EHP (Economics, History, Political Science)English6017,500
2CommerceBCOM Computer ApplicationsEnglish18022,500
3BCOM GeneralEnglish6019,500
4BCOM HonoursEnglish6022,500
5ManagementBBA Bachelor in Business AdministrationEnglish6022,500
6BSC Physical SciencesBSC MPC (Maths, Physics, Chemistry)English5022,500
7BSC MPCs (Maths, Physics, Computer Science)English15022,500
8BSC MECs (Maths, Electronics, Computer Science)English10022,500
9BSC MStCs (Maths, Statistics, Computer Science)English5022,500
10BSC MStDs (Maths, Statistics, Data Sciences)English5043,500
11BSC Life SciencesBSC BZC (Botany, Zoology, Chemistry)English10022,500
12BSC BZC (Botany, Zoology, Chemistry)Telugu5022,500
13BSC NBC (Nutrition, Botany, Chemistry)English5038,500
14BSC FTBC (Food Technology, Botany, Chemistry)English5038,500
15BSC BTBC (Biotechnology, Botany, Chemistry)English5022,500
16BSC MBC (Microbiology, Zoology, Chemistry)English5022,500
17BSC DZC (Dairy Sci, Zoology, Chemistry)English5038,500

Courses & Fee Structure -PG Courses

Courses & Fee Structure - PG Courses
S.No.FacultyCourseMediumEligibilityIntakeFee per Year (INR)
Convenor QuotaManagement Quota
1ArtsPolitical ScienceEnglishAny Degree40Convenor Fee + 300020,000
2CommerceM.Com (General)EnglishAny Degree40Convenor Fee + 300039,000
3ScienceM.Sc. MathematicsEnglishDegree With Maths30Convenor Fee + 300039,000
4M.Sc. BotanyEnglishDegree With Botany30Convenor Fee + 300039,000
5M.Sc. ZoologyEnglishDegree With Zoology30Convenor Fee + 300039,000
6M.Sc. PhysicsEnglishDegree With Physics30Convenor Fee + 300039,000
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