SSR Degree College: Curriculum

Bachelors in Physical Sciences

Mathematics, Physics & Computer Sciences (MPCs)

The course consists of good number of theoretical inputs in mathematics and physics apart from application orientation in computer sciences. As the students are oriented towards two of the fundamental basic sciences physics and mathematics. It is certain that the student would develop logical and philosophical thinking towards the learning of sciences. The curriculum includes various advanced disciplines such as quantum mechanics, optics, Astrophysics and concepts of Nanotechnology. Present employment market is IT oriented. Hence Computer science is being introduced in the graduate level to get aquaint the students about IT sector. SSR is one of the first Pvt. College in Nizambad Dist. Which has initiated introduction of this course.

First Year

The Students undergo a course in mechanics including Relativity concepts and vector analysis, Waves and Oscillations which include wave forms and their synthesis which forms the basic foundation in communication system. Emphasis is laid upon the practical principles of Physics applicable in mechanics. Students also undergo a practical training course in an application package in MS-Office and also C-Language programming techniques. Mathematics includes Differential Equations and Solid Geometry.

Second Year

Students learn in detail about thermodynamics and optics with emphasis on the practical aspects of Heat, Interference, Diffraction and Polarization. The Students learn the application of laser techniques in optics lab the mathematics curriculum includes group theory, Ring theory and Real analysis. Students are also exposed to the concepts of C++ and data structures.

Third Year

Students learn about Electro statics, Magneto statics, Electromagnetic induction, Maxwell’s equations, Electronics and Modern Physics including Quantum Physics, spectroscopy, Nuclear physics and solid state physics and rigorously trained in Electronic practical applications. Mathematics syllabus includes linear algebra including vector spaces, Matrices, Inner product space and Numerical Analysis as elective paper.

Course Benefits

They are eligible for post graduation in Maths, Physics, Computer Sciences offered by all Universities, MCA and MBA. Further they are eligible for National Level examinations like DRDO, BAARC, NANO technology.


Candidates pursuing this course have opportunities like CSIR, GATE, Software industry, IT and IT based services, geological department, Teaching side and many more.


Candidates who have passed with IPE conducted by the Board of Intermediate, A.P., or any other examination recognized as equivalent thereto with MPC group with a minimum of 40% aggregate marks are eligible for admission to MPCs I Year Course. Candidates from vocational stream should have passed the bridge course in Maths and Physics.


Rs. 9,500 per year. In addition to the above the candidates have to pay special fee like, IUTF, SWF, Affiliation Fee as prescribed by University.

The college may enhance the fee payable which will be intimated to the students well in advance at the time of admission

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