The College is making its efforts to bring awareness among the students with regard to their career and Employment Opportunities by organizing seminars with experts.

During 2005-06 a seminar was conducted on Career Prospects for commerce students, in which Dr. K. Achalapathi, Head of the Department, University college of Commerce, Osmania University Dr. N. Srinivas, Head of the Department of commerce, Koti Women’s College, Hyderabad and Sudhir Lanka, C.W.A., Hyderabad gave their valuable suggestions to the students.

A Seminar was also organized on 24/01/2016 on career Guidance in which Prof. K. Janardhan Reddy, Head of the Department, Botany Osmania University and Sri Narayana Reddy, Lecturer in Economics, A.P.R.D.C. Nagarjunasagar, have participated and gave their valuable suggestions to the students on career Building and employment opportunities.

Microbiology, Biotechnology and bioinformatics are rapid growing industries today which can provide large number of employment opportunities to the youth. Employment opportunities in these fields will depend up on how well the students equip themselves with expertise knowledge and skills. Therefore a seminar was organized on career prospects of Microbiology and Biotechnology in which Prof.P.B. kavi Kishore, head Department of Bioinformatics, Osmania University who gave a valuable suggestions to the students on career Building and Employment Opportunities in the fields.

The student of Biotechnology have also participated in a project seminars in jan 31, 2009 in Which the students have exhibited no. of live and written projects in front of Prof. Devender, Head Dept. of Botany and Biotechnology and Asst Professor Dr. Sujatha, Telangana University

A seminar was also organized on Career Prospects for B.A., students in which Prof. A. Satyanarayana, Head Department of History, Osmania University, who gave his valuable suggestions to the students.

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