SSR Degree College: Curriculum

Bachelors in Physical Sciences

Mathematics, Physics & Chemistry (MPC)

B.Sc. with mathematics, Physics and Chemistry is three year under graduate course aimed to provide the basic and fundamental subjects.

First Year

The Chemistry curriculum includes Inorganic-S-Block Elements, P-Block Elements, OMCs, Organic – Structural Theory of Organic Compounds, Alkanes, Alkenes, Alkyns, Cyclo Alkanes, Arens. Physical-solidstate, Liquid state, Gaseous state, solutions, Colloids and adsorption. General – Atomic Structure, Chemical Bond, Stereo Chemistry, Semi Micro Analysis.

Second Year

Students learn in Inorganic-Metals and alloys d- Block & f- Block elements, Non-Aqueous solvents, Organic-Halogens, Hydroxy, Ethers, Carbonyl, Carboxy Compounds Physical Electro Chemistry, Phase Rule, Solutions. General-Symmetry, Molecular Structures, stereo Chemistry, UV, IR-Spectro Scopy.

Third Year

Students learn in Inorganic- Coordination compounds, HSAB, OMCs Bioinorganic Chemistry, Inorganic reaction mechanism, Organic-Nitrogen compounds, hetero cyclic compounds, carbohydrates, Amino acids, NMR spectro Scopy. Physical Thermodynamics, Photo Chemistry, Kinetics. And Also including Analytical Chemistry, Drugs and Macro Molecules as elective paper. It’s not what you see, but it’s how you see it. Chemistry course that you study would combine the critical thoughts (theory) with the challenge of creative practice (laboratory-experiments).

Course Benefits

They are eligible for post graduation in Maths, Physics, Chemistry offered by all Universities, MCA and MBA. Further they are eligible for National Level examinations like DRDO, BAARC.


Candidates pursuing this course have opportunities like CSIR, GATE, Teaching side and many more.


Candidates who have passed with IPE conducted by the Board of Intermediate, A.P., or any other examination recognized as equivalent thereto with MPC group with a minimum of 40% aggregate marks are eligible for admission to MPC 1 Year Course. Candidates from vocational stream shouls have passed the bridge course in Maths and Physics


Rs. 7,500/- per Year. In addition to the above the candidates have to pay special fee like, IUTF, SWF, Affiliation Fee as Prescribed by University.

The college may enhance the fee payable which will be intimated to the students well in advance at the time of admission

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