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Bachelors in Life Sciences

Microbiology, Botany & Chemistry, (M.B.C)

B.Sc With Microbiology, Botany and Chemistry is a three year under graduate course introduced for the first time by our college in Telangana Region to enable the students to study about the advanced life sciences,

Students are exposed to rigorous training in theoretical and practical aspects of all the three optional subjects, i.e, Microbiology, Botany and Chemistry. Students study a Microbiology, applied branch of science with practical orientation. The students also get an opportunity to master a completely different subject Microbiology, one of the subjects in advanced biological sciences.

First Year

Microbiology curriculum includes a brief introduction of Microbiology – History of Microbiology, contributions, importance and application of microbiology, Microscopy, Microbial techniques. Biology of prokaryotic and Eukaryotic microorganisms, Bio molecules – amino acids, Proteins, fatty acids, Principle and application of colorimetry and chromatography.

Second Year

Students learn about to Biochemistry and Molecular biology which includes Nutrition, Bacterial photosynthesis, Bacterial growth, Respiration, structure and functions of DNA, RNA, Gene regulation, transposans and Plasmids. DNA damage and repair, mutations, gene recombination in bacteria and DNA technology.

Third Year

Students learn about Immunology, Medical microbiology and applied microbiology which includes immunity – types, cells & organs of immune system, Antigen-Antibody, History of Microbiology, Microbial infections –diagnosis & treatment, chemotherapy, Drug resistance, Vaccines and passive immunity. Plant growth promoting Microorganisms, Biopesticides, Biofertilisers, concept of plant diseases, Water Microbiology, Food Microbiology and industrial Microbiology.

Course Benefits

They are eligible for post graduation in Microbiology, Botany, Chemistry and also eligible for Biotechnology, Genetics, Bio-chemistry, Microbiology, Forensic science and M. Sc. (life sci / Plants Sci) of HCU. Students can also take up Bioinformatics as a career option.


Microbiology students in India and abroad may find employment opportunities in any Govt. based entities such as Universities, Research institutes or at pvt centres as a research scientist. Alternatively they may find employment in specialized Microbiology related companies and Pharmaceutical industries.


Candidates who have passed with IPE conducted by the Board of Intermediate, A.P., or any other examination recognized as equivalent thereto with BiPC group with a minimum of 40% aggregate marks are eligible for admission to MBC 1 Year Course. Candidates from vocational stream should have passed the bridge course in Biology, Chemistry


Rs. 10,000 per year. In addition to the above the candidates have to pay special fee like, IUTF, SWF, Affiliation Fee as prescribed by University.

The college may enhance the fee payable which will be intimated to the students well in advance at the time of admission.

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