SSR Degree College: Curriculum

Bachelors in Life Sciences :

Botany, Zoology & Chemistry (B.Z.C)

B.Sc with Botany, Zoology, and Chemistry is a three year under graduate programme with equal impetus of the basic life sciences.

First Year

Zoology curriculum includes invertebrates – protozoa, porifera, platyhelminthes, nematehelminthes, annelid, arthopoda, mollusca, echinodarmata, hemi chordate. Cell Biology – Structure of animal cell, cell division, biomolecules – Carbohydrates, Proteins, Lipids, Nucleic acids.

Second Year

Chordate, Protocardate, ascidia, Cyclostomata, Petromizon. Comparative study  of respiratory system, circulatory system, nervous system, urogential system, Genetics, Evolution and Zoogeography.

Third Year

Students learn about the nutrition in animals, digestion in mammals circulation, composition and function of blood, excretion of animals, nervous transmission, muscle contraction, animal behavior, animals ecology, blood groups, haemotological investigations, biopsy and Immunology.

Botany helps to understand the fundamental life process and better understand of life forms.

Course Benefits

They are eligible for post graduation in Zoology, Botany, & Chemistry and also eligible for Bio-Technology, Genetics, Bio-Chemistry, Microbiology, Forensic sciences and M.Sc. (life sci/planyt-Sci) of HCU.


After completing this course student may get job’s in Govt. And Private sectors as Lecturer, Research Scientist etc.


Candidates who have passed with IPE conducted by the Board of Intermediate, A.P., or any other examination recognized as equivalent there to with BiPC group with minimum of 40% aggregate marks are eligible for admission to BZC. I Year Course. Candidates from vocational stream should have passed the bridge course in Biology, Chemistry.


Rs. 8,500 per year. In addition to the above the candidates have to pay special fee like, IUTF, SWF, Affiliation Fee ad prescribed by University.

The college may enhance the fee payable which will be intimated to the students well in advance at the time of admission.

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