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Bachelors in Life Sciences

Biotechnology, Botany & Chemistry (Bt. B. C)

Whether it is Medicine or crop improvement Biotechnology is going to be the science of the future. Advanced biological sciences like Microbiology, Biotechnology forms the integral part of this application oriented discipline it enables us conserve the rich diversity of species on which our future depends. This amazing discipline has also spread its roots into the field of computer science in the form of Bioinformatics.

Biotechnology is a combination of Biology and Technology. It involves the use of living things, especially, cells and microbes in industrial process. It covers a wide variety of subjects like genetics, biochemistry, immunology, virology and engineering. The knowledge of plant makes us understand the marvels us. Applied sciences of Tissue culture, Microbiology, Biotechnology have their roots in Botany.

First Year

Biotechnology curriculum includes about Cell biology and Genetics and Bioinformatics. Botany curriculum includes origin and evolution of life, viruses, bacteria, cyanobacteria, algae, fungi, lichens, Bryophyta-marchantia, anthoceros, pollytrichum, rhynia, lycopodium, equisetum and marsilea. Gymnosperms-pinus,

Second Year

Students learn about Biochemistry & molecular biology techniques. Botany curriculum includes structure and development of flowering plants tissues, meristamatic, simple, complex, secretary tissues. Tissue system-epidermal, ground and fasicular. Secondary growth, plant ecology, environment phytogeography and Bio-diversity.

Third Year

Students learn in detail about applied fields of Biotechnology which includes Plant Biotechnology, Animal biotechnology, Environmental sciences, Industrial biotechnology Students learn about taxonomy of angiosperms, embryology and economic botany. Plant water relation, mineral nutrition, enzymes, photosynthesis, respiration, nitrogen metabolism, plant growth regulators, Genetics, molecular biology of the gene, rDNA technology and plant biotechnology.

Course Benefits

They are eligible for post graduation in Bio technology, Botany, Chemistry and also eligible for Genetics, Bio-chemistry, Microbiology, Forensic sciences and M.Sc. (life sci.) in HCU. Students can also take up Bioinformatics as a career option.


Biotechnology students in India and abroad may find employment opportunities in any Govt. based entities such as Universities, Research institute or at pvt, centres as a research scientist. Alternatively they may find employment in specialized biotechnology companies or bio tech related companies such as pharmaceutical, food manufacturers and agricultural companies.


Candidates who have passed with IPE conducted by the Board of Intermediate, A.P., or any other examination recognized as equivalent thereto with BiPC group with a minimum of 40% aggregate marks are eligible for admission to Bt.B.C. 1 Year Course. Candidates from vocational stream should have passed the bridge course in Biology, Chemistry


Rs. 20,000 per year. In addition to the above the candidates have to pay special fee like, IUTF, SWF, Affiliation Fee as prescribed by University.

The college may enhance the fee payable which will be intimated to the students well in advance at the time of admission

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